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30 more meat-free meals

By Kate on February 11th, 2013 at 9:53am in Food & Drink

pile-of-fresh-vegetablesHere’s our second post about meat-free, money saving meals: a bunch more tasty meals that are easy to cook and amazingly tasty.

  1. mixed roasted vegetables with cheeese melted on top
  2. onion mashed potato with cheese on top
  3. cauliflower cheese and baked beans
  4. veggie pizza
  5. scrambled egg with smoked salmon pieces (or tinned fish)
  6. avocado, cream and garlic pasta
  7. vegetable curry
  8. vegetable lasagne
  9. rich, herby tomato soup laced with garlic
  10. vegetable quiche
  11. broccoli, celery and Stilton soup
  12. tinned tuna risotto
  13. cheese / tuna omelette
  14. tinned sardines on toast, smothered with cheese
  15. leek and mushroom risotto
  16. hearty vegetable and gravy pie
  17. pasta with finely chopped onions, pesto and grated cheese
  18. shepherds pie made with veg
  19. light tinned shrimp, leek and pine nut broth
  20. vegetable chips with cheese and mayo
  21. boiled egg salad and chips
  22. baked spuds with cheese and beans
  23. baked spuds with tune and cheese
  24. vegetable stir fry
  25. fish and vegetable burritos
  26. peppers stuffed with onion, cheese and tinned tuna
  27. mushroom stroganoff
  28. couscous with fried sliced mushrooms and leeks
  29. spinach and cheese soup with masses of fresh black pepper
  30. baked veg with Bisto onion gravy

Get busy with the cream for extra oomph

Veggie meals can be very emotionally unsatisfactory unless you make the most of eggs, cheese and cream, all of which go a very long way towards making a properly satisfying meal that leaves you feeling full in the right sort of way. Add cheese or cream to soups, broths, stews, sauces and pastas for extra oomph!


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