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Scandalous! Cost cutting news for August 2015


RBS fined for hopeless mortgage advice Royal Bank of Scotland has been slammed for giving 99% of their mortgage customers bad mortgage advice. They’ve been fined £14.5 million as a result. Some people feel it’s best to avoid banks altogether if you want a mortgage. I must admit I find myself agreeing. If we ever need a mortgage again, which I dearly hope we don’t, I’ll be avoiding banks like the plague. After all, if they can’t even manage to get their banking act together, leaving the entire planet’s financial system in disarray, I don’t feel I can trust them…

Glastonbury and more – 5 ways to spend less at festivals


Glastonbury is looming, signalling the start of the summer festival scene. But it isn’t the only one. There are literally hundreds of UK music festivals, maybe even thousands, of every shape, size and flavour. In the olden days we only had a handful of major festivals to choose from, including Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight and Reading. I never liked any of them. Glastonbury was mostly for hippies back then, and was already far too big and crowded for my taste. Reading was more or less all rock music, which really wasn’t my thing, being a soul, jazz, disco and funk fan.…

Things, places and people to avoid if you want to spend less


We’re always looking at ways to save money, spend less and generate more. But what about all those danger zones it’s best to avoid? I thought it might be helpful to take a look at people, places and situations it makes sense to keep away from if you want to hang onto your cash. Here goes. Danger zones for money savers, scrimpers and savers Spendthrift friends and family It’s tough hanging onto your purse strings when everyone around you is splurging like people possessed. If you have friends and family members who can’t stop spending, make sure you get together in situations where…